Location: Darmstadt 🇩🇪 Salary: up to €60k – €90k 💰 Sector: Augmented Reality Our client is the market leader of this specific 3D technology creating a scalable product that no other can replicate. This isn’t just a prototype idea, this team has implemented their product into huge names like BMW and

Salary €60k - €90k

Location: Remote 🌍 Requirement: Fluent German Wo soll ich mit dieser Beschreibung anfangen… Ich glaube, dass man zwei Möglichkeiten hat, wenn man sich für seine nächste Karriere entscheidet. Die eine ist, dem Geld hinterherzujagen und alles andere ist zweitrangig 💰 oder zwei, wobei das Unternehmen, seine Kultur und Ihr

Salary up to €80k

Location: Berlin 🇩🇪 Salary: up to €130k + €40k bonus + shares!! 🤩 Sector: Logistics Want to be a part of a mission towards digitalising a sector or so outdated most still use paperwork?! This SaaS team are working towards sustainability, efficiency and creating an unparalleled network of all-around

Salary €170k total comp

Location: Onsite, hybrid or remote Germany Salary: Up to €80k 💰 Tech Stack: Python, Kubernetes, AWS, DBT, SQL, Pandas, Numpy, Airflow A highly progressive team reshaping, digitalising and overall modernising a sector with a mission to rebrand it’s reputation! You’ll be joining their vision of creating an “layer” never done before

Salary up to €80k

Location: Remote Germany 🇩🇪 Salary: €60k – €92k Bonus: Speaking German FINALLY! A green company, on a mission to make transport efficient, affordable and economical! 🚛 The team have pulled all the strings together, combining technology, operations, public transport infrastructure and get this… even 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐨𝐦𝐨𝐮𝐬 vehicles to create something

Salary €60k - €92k