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This is our product for the most ambitious. If you have recently secured a significant amount of funding and are looking to scale rapidly then please enquire below and we will be happy to talk you through the process. We’re highly experienced in strategy and execution and have scaled multiple SMEs from 10 to 200+ employees


Our most promising product. This is for start-ups adamant in being the best and having the best – because you’re only as good as your people!

An upfront commitment fee entitles you to the utmost priority treatment. You will be offered the most talented candidates before they are publicly ready to go to market.

Not only will your total fee be reduced, we will also deduct the commitment fee off the final invoice after a successful placement. This means lower fees, with a higher quality service. Win, win. 


Protect your brand. Work with us as your trusted, exclusive recruitment partner. You will be represented to an exemplary standard, ensuring candidates have an excellent experience during the process. 

No muddied waters. Having your name spammed out to every candidate can damage your brand. No. We vet all prospects thoroughly and by not being rushed against the competition, you can feel confident a quality search will take place.


A more fast-paced approach for the short term wins. By choosing to partner with Endaxis you’lll get a taste of the quality you’d expect from a specialist team. 

Unlocking access to our talent pool, candidates we’ve built relationships with across many years. We know them well. They won’t be applying or on job boards. They’re open to hearing about the next best thing and we remember when they described you as “the dream job”.

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