“My career has rocketed since joining Endaxis. It’s a totally new take on recruitment and I am able to truly connect with my clients. By learning to understand the company, culture and projects it keeps us miles ahead”

16 Years Of Experience In Scaling High Profile Companies

“We are dedicated, honest and always here to offer advice as well as exceptional candidates. We act with integrity and pride in our work to ensure the best experience everytime.”

understand the market

Our knowledge and skills within the Data and Engineering landscape have helped us to carve a succesful business within one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. We strive to be the market leaders of recruitment by covering the domains of Data Science and Software Engineering

Build People's Dreams

We forge relationships with passive candidates, quality individuals that are not actively looking or available on job boards. We understand the companies core values and vision to find that perfect match.

Work Hard to Succeed

Endaxis is recruiter with a difference, a recruiter that has built it’s foundations by understanding it’s clients company, culture and vision. The senior team is made up of Data Science and Software Engineering specialists, each with over 5 year’s experience in their field.

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