Data Scientist with ML

Our client is someone who recently moved from a high profile insurance startup as their Director of Engineering. He shaped the early stage startup into an incredibly successful, high-performance team of 80+ people. Now moving into the next venture this already established company is vigorously looking to shake things up when it comes to digitalising the Renewal Energy sector – which after many years, has been on hold in Germany due to political situations. The sector now needs to play a BIG part in catching up and business is certainly booming!

Your role will be playing a big part in meeting new companies and really optimising and spotting new opportunities for them in Machine Learning.

We are seeking the below skills to compliment this venture:

  • Studied informatics
  • Worked on freelance projects
  • Real life solutions experience
  • Machine Learning based solutions
  • Strong understanding of what teams can build
  • Qualities of a Data Scientist
  • Ability to see opportunity rather than just issues
  • Able to build ML models
  • Quality Assurance
  • Customer focused
  • Entrepreneurial, fresh and open minded
  • Confidence in consulting
  • Willingness to travel occassionally


  • Python
  • Pandas
  • Tensorflow
  • Sckikit
  • Numpy
  • Keras